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Flamingo Latin Foods - arepas


Flamingo Latin Foods began operating in September 2012 in Houston, with the idea of ​​becoming an exclusive distributor of "tequeños".


The "tequeño" is a fried "gourmet" sandwich, consisting of white cheese wrapped in batter. Today, this pioneering food of Flamingo continues to create its own niche in Houston's wide multicultural life, between the palates of the United States and the rest of the world.


In addition to the tequeño, the growing demand of Flamingo customers to venture into their markets with new products, prompted the company to develop a varied portfolio of Latin food specialties, which includes well-known foods such as cachapas, empanadas, chorizo, morcilla, cachitos, among others.


In this way, and guided by her inherited and well-developed business instincts, the founder of the company, Pily Hernandez, expanded her original idea of ​​local operations in the Houston area, to other regions, to serve wholesalers in Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Dallas and Midland.



Flamingo Latin Foods

As we are committed to providing optimal Customer Service, for Flamingo Latin Foods it is essential to have recognized, loyal and long-term suppliers, among all the high quality products that we are proud to represent.


We have adequate storage facilities and enough inventory to guarantee our supply capacity, thus offering what our customers need and when they need it.


We care about what we sell, and about keeping our customers truly satisfied. We love what we do, and, as always, we are in the quest to improve our business. We invite you to try our service!


Flamingo Latin Foods - cachapa
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